Business strategy

Plan for and benefit from opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth

Global markets are complex and multidimensional. Where exactly do the opportunities for the future of your company lie? What are the priorities to focus on? Provided clarity on these questions, is your company well prepared regarding technologies, sales setup, production and supplier structure and a range of other important considerations? We work together with and for you, our client, on these and further key issues.

Business strategy

Strategic planning for markets and regions

  • Companies can successfully achieve their goals only when they are substantiated by a clear vision for the future and supported by quantitative and qualitative business planning. We evaluate every business in our strategic portfolio on the basis of its requirements and potential, and develop a roadmap of products, markets and regions with your management team that coordinates your company’s activities.




Core competencies and strategic assets

  • What are the core competencies and strategic assets of your company? It’s surprising how often they are not explicitly stated or even recognized. Without this awareness, these strengths cannot be actively used to protect current business or be transferred to other products and future developments. We often find significant potential here, but also substantial risk.




Servitization – Profitability from product-related services

  • How can an attractive and comprehensive service portfolio, in conjunction with physical products, boost the profitability of your company? What are the appropriate services to offer, and how can they be integrated with technical product offerings? How can a company develop from solely a manufacturer of products to a provider of complex business solutions?

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Sales optimization

Go-to-market strategies

  • How can a company leverage its size in a go-to-market strategy in the face of regional specifics, differentiated market segments and autonomously acting local subsidiaries? With our proven template-based methodology, we coach sales organizations to set up an efficient and successful go-to-market plan.




Sales organization and processes

  • Sales and marketing is often the biggest costs block for a company. But are these resources being used adequately or being optimally allocated to the most critical markets? We design the right market and customer segmentation for you and, based on our proved methods and models, outline efficient sales and marketing processes individually adapted for and with you.




Sales pipeline management

  • Consistent and thorough pipeline management is the key to success for many businesses. But how can you build a sales funnel and integrate it into the sales process? We define the right pipeline management for you on the basis of our Sales-Stage Concepts. This lets you expediently track developments in your complex business and rapidly change tack, steer your business, and individually motivate and reorient staff.
Silvina Delembert Silvina Delembert

“ A good corporate and business strategy must define all activities required to achieve desired goals. At the same time, it must clearly state, what should not be done – this is usually the more difficult decision. "