Hot Topic: Digitalization

What is digitalization and what does it mean in practice?

" Digitalization requires strategic planning and implementation through targeted, agile methodology to prevent it from ending in organizational or cost disaster. Only then can companies successfully accelerate into the digital era. "

Digitalization signifies a shift towards digital business models involving completely different business processes and structures enabled by new information and communication technology.

The following aspects of digitalization are important to us

  • Digitalization is not a short-term fad, but a key strategic task for top management necessary to secure a company’s future and grow success.
  • Digitalization is not an IT-initiative, but a joint effort involving nearly all departments of a company, and sales in particular.
  • Though it is by nature a dynamic process, the goals of digitalization must be clearly defined. A road map with agreed-upon, prioritized initiatives is a prerequisite for long-term success.
  • Digitalization requires a different style of leadership. Goal-oriented leadership, coaching of autonomous teams, and creation of a technical ecosystem are new challenges for management.
  • Digital business models require fundamentally different principles and structures than traditional businesses.

  • Digitalization will cause significant, widespread changes for most companies, and its success cannot be left to pure chance.

VP Strategy Advisors methods proven in digital projects

Digital Service Portfolio

  • Together with you and your teams, we elaborate a competitive portfolio of digital services that takes full advantage of existing opportunities.




Digital Roadmap

  • We evaluate your current digital activities, including business value analysis, and build your individual digital roadmap – prioritized initiatives with the highest impact for the reorientation of your company.




Digital Leadership Models

  • Employing our Digital Leadership Model, we implement flexible organizational structures and agile work principles.




Set up of Digital Units

  • For Digital Units composed of business and IT experts, we clarify new skills, make-or-buy decisions, responsibilities, processes and critical interfaces with traditional corporate units and support efficient ramp-up.



Digital Transformation

  • With the help of our experience and implementation competence, your company can unlock the digital world!

Selected key questions from our clients

  • What are the challenges, trends, and opportunities stemming from digitalization in our sector and what have others achieved?
  • In which areas of our business can we capitalize on new growth potential with digitalization, or how can digitalization help secure our current revenue streams?
  • How can we shape an attractive service portfolio for our company to optimally benefit from digital opportunities?
  • How can we organize Digital Units that are capable of rapidly delivering high-quality digital solutions?
  • How can we cope with the limits of our organization? What are typical show-stoppers? What level of efficiency is possible?
  • How can our work be influenced by external factors in this dynamic environment?
  • How can we move our large organization into the digital world and what is the best approach to motivate our teams for the change?

Discuss your specific challenges with our experts and benefit from our digital experience!

For over two decades, VP Strategy Advisor experts have supported companies in various industries in addressing strategic questions – including digital trends. Reach out to us!




Dr. Michael Veitinger Dr. Michael Veitinger
Senior Partner

„ Thanks to our long standing history with IBM, in combination with classic strategic expertise, our clients have from very early on involved us in the creation of digital strategies and complementary organizational models. They greatly value that our experts understand business as well as IT and integrate both optimally to develop digital solutions and organizational structures. “