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Servitization currently presents companies' biggest challenge, but also their greatest opportunity. VP Strategy Advisor experts have the know-how you need!

VP Strategy Advisors Servitization Consulting Portfolio


VP Strategy Advisor consultants combine their profound professional competence with specific and proven methods (VP project certified), customer experiences and industry data. Here we present selected methods and approaches to servitization:




Service Landscape

  • We evaluate the status and range of your current service offerings and on this basis, define a strategic development path. Your current services will be clustered according to complexity into “basic”, “advanced” and “sophisticated” categories. This analysis can reveal deficits and opportunities in pre- and after-sales services and these conclusions can be used to determine future strategic points of emphasis.




Service Portfolio Analysis

  • Traditional portfolio analyses are not applicable to services offered in conjunction with physical products, or to integrated product-service systems. Therefore, we at VP Strategy Advisors have developed a specific service portfolio analysis. With our specialized matrix, you can determine the competitive intensity, and therefore profitability, and consistency of a revenue stream. The services your company is currently offering serve as a starting point. These will be complemented, combined, and further developed with additional services from our Service Catalog (see below).




Service Catalog/Benchmarking data

  • At VP Strategy Advisors, we have built and continually enhance a comprehensive Service Catalog based on our project experience and additional data analysis. This structured catalog contains detailed descriptions of services and proven service combinations as well as how they are designed, applicable client settings, value propositions, sales models and much more. With this wealth of information on hand, we are able to discuss concrete examples with our clients, quickly adapt them to the client’s specific situation, and develop new services.




Service business models

  • Side by side with your experts, we define business models for future services, including service scope, target customers, business case and many other relevant elements. Integrated product-service business cases often present a real challenge, but they are essential for evaluating and deciding on a new business model. Objectives have to be balanced between company divisions: what profit targets for new machines should be allocated to sales reps as they build up the installed base? How can the innovative product-service solutions compensate?




Maturity Model for service organizations

  • Innovative service strategies cannot be indiscriminately applied to all market segments, countries or regions. The status of the installed base and the maturity of local service organizations are deciding factors that require intelligent appraisal. We evaluate the current maturity level of local organizations using our proven maturity model, which includes defined evaluation criteria and scales. Practical recommendations and steps can be derived to enable differentiated implementation of new service strategies.

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