Servitization – Key questions

Our projects demonstrate the revenue and profit potential that our clients can achieve through servitization.

Key questions from our clients in the context of servitization


Many years ago, elevator producers like Schindler and OTIS successfully broke new ground in servitization. Spurred by the increasing erosion of margins in the new machinery business, these companies were left with no choice but to offer more profitable services in addition to their traditional product business. With deep knowledge of a product and its application, developing a service business, which generates continuous and above-average profits, is a viable and attractive option. In other industries as well, we see the opportunity to complement services with consumables that are tightly linked to the use of products or to even develop a technical dependency between the two.




Bring your individual questions and challenges to us:

  • Which services can increase our customer loyalty, help us acquire new clients, and increase revenue with above-average profitability?
  • What services are right for our products and how can we combine them into comprehensive service solutions with high added value for the customer and for our company?
  • How should we position our service portfolio in the market? Where do we require partners?
  • What profit contribution can be generated from which services in which markets to compensate for shrinking margins in the new machinery business?
  • What product and organizational requirements are necessary to develop a company from a producer of physical goods to a provider of integrated product-service solutions?
  • How can we shape a successful collaboration between sales and service? Which incentive model is the most effective for us?
  • What are the key performance indicators for directing our service business?
  • What role can service partners play in collaboration with our own service organization?
  • What have other companies achieved through servitization? How did they cope with this fundamental transition, and what were the critical factors for success? Where were the barriers and pitfalls?

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