Transformation strategy

Moving strategies and concepts quickly and reliably toward sustainable implementation

Goal-oriented implementation of strategic decisions through initiatives and programs is essential. How can you enact complicated changes quickly, cost-efficient and, above all, successfully? How can you enlist the support of your employees in implementing strategies and plans? We provide the expertise necessary to help you produce real change in your company.

Program management

Business case & program reporting

  • “Better roughly right than precisely wrong” holds true at the beginning of a project in particular. With our Business-Case-Calculator, we can quickly quantify your potential benefits and continually recalibrate and increase precision over the course of the project. The combination of strong, content-focused program management with our special reporting tools creates transparency in project progress and results and critical situations while offering the greatest possible security for crucial decisions and the success of your initiatives.




Program organization

  • Crafting a sound program organization does not begin with a steering committee or project management. Precise scoping of successful activities is the basis for any robust program organization structure. Standardized tools cannot achieve this, only the extensive experience of our consultants and our sensitivity regarding goal relevance, completeness, clear segmentation, and above all, control of the complexities of your project topics.




Program reviews

  • Our Quality Gate methodology enables us to swiftly conduct a health check on critical or highly important projects and programs. We evaluate progress, deficits and risks according to well-defined criteria and make practical recommendations to ensure the success of a project.

Change management

Stakeholder management

  • Many projects fail not because of the quality of the concepts but because of the lack of collective will to implement the necessary changes. For this reason, the position of opinion leaders and employee groups must be determined early on, and if necessary, be developed during the project phases. Our stakeholder map contains a pragmatic method to support these activities.




Communication strategy

  • Communication is essential in change processes. However, it would be a mistake to inform everybody about everything as this might lead to unanswerable questions and insecurity, especially at the beginning when the objectives are not fully formulated yet. We have developed a communication model that is scaled to show what, when, and to whom information is to be released.




Skills analysis and development

  • Altered market demands require new skills. The question is what competencies and level of expertise will be necessary in the future to reach company goals. With the help of our "skill gap matrix", we can evaluate the competence profile of your organization, define future core competencies and pinpoint the measures needed to close the gaps - and we remain at hand to help you implement the changes.
Florian A. T. Babel Florian A. T. Babel

“ Rapid and successful implementation requires a deep understanding of the strategic concepts and a company's specific circumstances. Transformation competence is not a self-contained discipline, but an essential part of every strategy. ”