Operations strategy

Improved efficiency and profitability from optimal functional strategies, processes and structures

Jointly with you and your teams, we develop functional, comprehensive strategies that align with your company’s requirements and objectives. With our proven tools and concepts, we optimize organizational structures and boost the efficiency of your business processes.

Increase in overall efficiency

Cost reduction in overhead and support functions

  • Support functions act as enablers for your business. Optimization of cost structures must ensure a company’s proper functioning – simply cutting spending across the board can seriously jeapordize a company's potential. With our performance value analysis, we determine and compare the expenditure and performance of your organizational units. This gives you an objective basis for clear decision-making and cost adjustment with respect to internal optimization, shared-service units, and/or outsourcing.




Efficiency of processes and organization

  • New requirements for efficiency, flexibility and quality regularly arise from the strategy development process and as a result of changes in the business environment. These challenges often put existing processes and structures to the test. We know where to set crucial levers to adjust your practices and organization to meet new demands. In doing so, we are careful to win support from your staff and motivate the affected employees to enact the required changes.




Quality and compliance

  • Compliance with rapidly increasing regulatory demands is decisive for maintaining and expanding market position in the pharma and medical device industries. We structure and lead quality initiatives, e.g. the 28 FDA quality elements, and support you in executing them, from carrying out audit-simulations to defining and implementing concrete measures for all relevant areas of company function.

Functional optimization

Optimization of product and R&D structures

  • Does your R&D project portfolio ensure your company’s future? Our experience shows us that new products have a higher profit margin. Moreover, the ability to bring new products to the market quickly and reliably is a decisive factor in maintaining long-term competitiveness. We optimize your R&D portfolio and adjust R&D structures according to design-to-target principles.




Supply chain optimization

  • Short delivery times and a high level of reliability along the delivery chain can be costly or achieved only at the expense of maintaining a large inventory or taking risks. We segment your supply chain and tailor site structure to precisely suit the needs of your customers. Production and logistics locations are optimized likewise order management and distribution processes. Our site and segmentation models, inventory optimizer, and tried-and-true templates for material flows enable significant improvements in delivery times, reliability, and costs.




Optimization of purchasing structures

  • Suppliers have a significant influence on the cost, deliverability, and quality of your products. Transparency in expenditures, commodity group-specific strategies and the proper internal structure are decisive. With spending analysis and commodity group portfolios and cockpits, we are there for you from the initial adjustment of purchasing functions to the realization of your full potential. We often achieve high cost savings in purchasing in a short period of time.
Arnim Malik Arnim Malik

“ Operation Strategy denotes an optimal setup based on a deep, analytical understanding of our own strengths and opportunities, especially with regards to R&D structures, intellectual property protection and product management, value creation and sourcing strategies, as well as supply chain and production concepts. "