Focus Point: Servitization

The effective corporate strategy for many industries: Higher revenue and profitability with integrated product service concepts!

“ Servitization is the process of developing a company from a traditional producer of physical products to a provider of highly profitable solutions via integrated product-service systems. ”

Strategically planned combinations of services and products leads inevitably to integrated product-service systems. This establishes new, differentiated business models, increases the loyalty of existing clients and attracts new ones and boosts revenue with high profitability.

What is the fundamental change for your company?

Industries with limited potential for technological innovation in particular face significant challenges in context with servitization. Servitization is much broader and more comprehensive than simply having “more” spare parts, maintenance products or other traditional service offerings.

VP Strategy Advisors Servitization Consulting Portfolio

For more than two decades, our experts have advised companies in the device and machine building industries on various strategic challenges, including service strategies. Alongside our deep industry competence, we build on proven methods and our own benchmark data to effect servitization.

Key questions from our clients in the context of servitization

Together with our clients, we continually work on strategic questions and pragmatic concepts for servitization. Numerous successful client projects provide evidence of our profound expertise in service strategies and the high standard of our consulting work.

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For more and two decades, out VP Strategy Advisory experts have advised companies in various industries on their strategic challenges. Reach out to us!